We are a group of people who are passionate about helping others, researching history and the paranormal. We believe in remembering history where we contribute through preservation of historic buildings and documenting untold stories of the paranormal. We strive to understand why the activity is taking place using science as well as any tool that allows us to gain more knowledge. We believe in crediting the individual members of Woodlands Paranormal by recognizing their collective experiences in the field. Our website contains audio, video and photographs from all of the individual members. This media includes all events, investigations, conferences and television appearances.

*All of our members are active investigators

Cathy Nance - Founder/Case Manager

Bill Nance - Historian

Kenneth Melton - Audio/Visual Analysis







Taylor Nance - Tech Specialist

Robert Hall - Clergy

Jill Bryan - Researcher

Dawn caban - Researcher

Audrey Wofford - Researcher

Jordan Nance - Researcher

 Bryan Malis - Saftey Coordinator

Cathy Malis - Researcher

Logan Corelli - Parapsychologist

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