Cathy Nance

Cathy Nance is the founder and case manager of Woodlands Paranormal. As an intuitive and empath, Cathy has been on a lifelong journey for helping others, as well as exploring and learning about everything she had an interest in. She has used her gifts as the case manager of OKPRI, Society of the Haunted and now Woodlands Paranormal where she counsels their clients.

She has been featured on Animal Planet’s television show “The Haunted” season 1 and 2 as well as an episode of “My Ghost Story” on Bio. Cathy is the person responsible for scheduling the groups and counseling the clients. People call her wanting help explaining what is happening to them.

She says that “clients usually start out by saying they do not want me to feel that they are crazy. Believe me when I tell you everyone feels the same way and tells me the same thing. I am an open minded individual who has heard everything you can imagine and more.”

After several incidents around the age of 3 she began to have things happen that she couldn’t explain. She would dismiss it because she was tired or rationalize it to fit the most logical explanation. Cathy grew up in the church and found some explanations through her priest or religious studies. She says “As I got older I moved into a very old home with unexplainable activity and couldn’t always explain it away. I started seeking more answers by reading everything I could get my hands on as well as asking questions. I took some classes in parapsychology and dove more into spirituality.”

After a move to Oklahoma she was able to get involved with a well known group of professional people all seeking answers to the age old questions. She has since then spent years investigating locations all over. Really being able to see and experience many things that most people never get the opportunity to experience.

“I feel blessed to reconfirm for myself certain things that we are really only supposed to have blind faith for. I can tell you that it is real although I cannot give a full scientific explanation of everything. It is my goal to prove it to you.”

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