Kenneth Melton

Kenneth Melton - Visual Analysis Specialist

As the Visual Analysis Specialist itʼs my job to pick apart and analyze any evidence that is video or photographic in nature.

Whether it comes from inside the group or comes from an outside source I look at it with the same intent. I make sure it has not been edited in any way and try to replicate the conditions it was taken in to see if it can be reproduce by any natural influences, or with the use of any special effects.

I have had many personal experiences since I was in grade school. At first I tried to ignore it, but later in life started to seek answers. I have always been fascinated with other people’s stories, but understand you have to look at every event objectively. When it all comes down to it a story is just that, a story. If you have no evidence to back it up you canʼt prove it. I have also learned through the years that there are many things naturally that can cause people to experience things that they misunderstand as being paranormal. If I catch something that could be evidence I always see if it could be influenced be any presiding condition in the environment at the time it accord. After all possibilities are explained away I see if it can be duplicated before I deem it conclusive.

I was raised Southern Baptist and still am today. I am a Christian, saved by grace, and am active with my church. I have an unshakable belief in my religion and always have. I do however believe that we live in a very spiritual world and if we could see everything going on around us it would freak us out. Some of us notice it. Some of us ignore it. Still yet some of us totally block it out. Our world is still as spiritually active today as it was in biblical times. Unfortunately, in today’s world many people proclaim something they donʼt understand as evil. I personally do not believe that.

The team members of Woodlands Paranormal are a great team to work with and are an extension of my family. We all take the field of study very seriously and all have the same standards on what is called evidence and what is not. We also all share the same passion for helping people. Which in my opinion is the most important ingredient to what we do. In a lot of cases that we encounter we are the only people that others feel comfortable turing to with the problems they are having.

Watch this video to learn more about him - Meet Ken

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