Investigations: Our team will come to your property and conduct tests to determine the cause of the activity you have in your home. We use a variety of equipment and scientific methods to help identify natural or unknown causes of the activity. Some of the equipment we use includes DVR, audio devices, cameras, night vision cameras, emf meters as well as video. The evidence we find will be shared with you within a reasonable period of time. The protection of your privacy is important to us. We always will keep your personal information private. Our members do not disclose your name, address or any other private information. We do use data collected to create webpages that we share with the public.

*Residential Investigations: We never disclose the location or names
*Business Investigations: We do not disclose the name of your business unless you are willing and agree in writing for that information to be made public.
*Historic Investigations: We do not disclose the name of your Historic location unless you are willing for that information to be made public.

Research: Our team will research your property through all the records

Cleansing/Blessing: Most people call us wanting to know that they are not going crazy. For many clients it is enough for us to come in and find the cause of their activity or just to tell them we believe they have unusual things going on. There are clients who call because they were wanting help from their church and could not get help. We have clergy who want to help you! We can provide cleansing and/or blessing services. We are proud to be affiliated with the PWSM (Paranormal Warriors of Saint Michaelâ„¢) Network.

Counseling: We are available to help you through email/phone. Even if you do not want someone to come out to your property we are willing to talk with you about the activity you have experienced. Feel free to contact our group.

Historic Preservation: We believe that history should be preserved for future generations instead of being destroyed if possible. Many locations through the country are at risk of demolition and can be saved.

Public Events: We hold public paid events primarily in the southwest part of the country in places where we have conducted paranormal research. We like present evidence that we have collected over time and teach you how how we conduct our research. The public gets to attend an actual investigation with us. The funds we collect help to preserve the historical locations we investigate at.

Education: We believe in educating the public through our website, social media and through public events. We educate the public through our own events or through yours. Our members can come out to your event and teach a class or speak about paranormal topics.

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